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    Wall Street closed out a miserable September with a loss of 9.3%, the worst monthly decline since March 2020. The S&P 500 fell 1.5% Friday and is at its lowest level in almost two years. The benchmark index has lost ground for six of the last seven weeks and posted its third straight losing quarter. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 1.7% and the Nasdaq fell 1.5%. Nike fell sharply after the company had to slash prices to clear inventories, while Carnival dropped following weaker-than-expected quarterly results. Bond markets were showing more calm as yields relaxed.

      A Georgia judge has rejected an agreement that would have provided a huge property tax break to Rivian Automotive. The ruling clouds the upstart electric truck maker’s plans to build a $5 billion plant east of Atlanta that would employ 7,500 people. Morgan County Superior Court Judge Brenda Trammell finds that under state law, Rivian should be required to pay regular property taxes. She also finds that a local development authority hasn't proved that Rivian's plan is “sound, reasonable and feasible," citing the company's production and financial challenges. The challenge was brought by opponents of the plant. State and local economic developers say they're considering an appeal. Rivian declined to comment.

        Harvest season means long days for U.S. farmworkers — but usually no overtime pay. Federal law exempts farms from rules entitling most workers to 1.5 times their regular wage when they work more than 40 hours in a week. New York is now joining several states that have begun to change this rule. The state’s labor commissioner on Friday approved a recommendation to phase in a 40-hour threshold for farmworker overtime over the next decade. Right now, farmworkers in New York qualify for overtime pay after they have worked 60 hours in a week. Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon called the plan  “the best path forward” for farmworker equity.

          Vice President Kamala Harris and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will host a forum to highlight how coronavirus pandemic relief dollars have helped support Black- and minority-owned businesses. The Treasury Department says the importance of making sure the community finance system supports minority businesses will be "front and center” at this year's Freedman's Bank Forum next week. About 96% of Black-owned businesses are sole proprietorships and single-employee companies. These small businesses have the hardest time finding funding and are often the first to suffer during economic downturns. The forum will include a panel on new support for community finance institutions, small businesses and low wealth communities.

            Boeing is behind schedule in submitting documentation for new versions of its 737 Max jetliner, and it's asking Congress for more time. Federal officials say Boeing has completed little of the work necessary to certify the new Max versions by a Dec. 31 deadline. If the company misses the deadline, it must add a new system to alert pilots when there is a potential safety problem with the flight. Boeing argues that its older 737s don't have the alert system, and putting it on future Max jets would add complexity for airline pilots who fly both old and new 737s.

              You’ll no longer be able to store your precious coins, jewelry and paperwork at JPMorgan Chase & Co., as the bank has stopped opening new safety deposit boxes for customers. A spokesman for the bank said Chase decided late last year to stop offering new deposit boxes to customers as a “business decision” but declined to share specifics. Customers who have a box with Chase will be able to keep the box as long as the branch stays open, but they will not be able to open a new one at another location.

                Desperate to locate and rescue their loved ones, social media users are sharing phone numbers, addresses and photos of their family members and friends online for anyone who can check on them after Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida. While authorities recommend that those in distress contact official emergency channels, strangers online are braving the conditions to step in and answer the pleas for help. And the family members are more than grateful. Heather Donlan says her social media post crowdsourced the person she holds responsible for saving her father's life.

                Vermont dispensaries are set to begin selling marijuana for recreational use, though only three will be ready to do so on opening weekend. FLORA Cannabis in Middlebury, Mountain Girl Cannabis in Rutland and CeresMED in Burlington will all open on Saturday. A fourth business has been licensed to sell recreational pot but isn’t ready to do so yet. James Pepper, who chairs the state Cannabis Control Board, says Vermont's inaugural weekend will be “more of a soft opening" akin to those when recreational sales began in other states and in Canada. The Vermont stores say they anticipate having enough supply, but some growers have been frustrated by the timeline.

                Italian right-wing leader Matteo Salvini has criticized the European Union for not working together on a common response to the energy crisis but instead “protecting their own interests.” Speaking at a Milan demonstration by farmers protesting the impact of high energy prices, Salvini said the EU “has been very much everyone for himself." Italy has spent some 60 billion euros since last year to ease the pain of higher energy prices. But the outgoing government of Premier Mario Draghi has refused to borrow more money for a deeper aid package. Italy instead has pressed for a European price cap on Russian natural gas but the rest of the EU's been unwilling so far to go along.

                With interest rates rising, the cost of borrowing is going up. This is especially the case for credit cards, as they have high annual percentage rates that vary as interest rates change. There are ways you can reduce the cost of your debt while you work to pay it off: crafting a new spending plan to free up money for debt payments, making more aggressive life changes and taking steps to lower your interest rate. However, there are details and trade-offs to each method that are helpful to know.

                European Union energy ministers have adopted a package of measures to ease an energy crisis, including a levy on windfall profits of fossil fuel companies. But an agreement on capping natural gas prices that is supported by a majority of countries remained off the table. The package approved Friday includes the windfall levy on oil, natural gas and coal companies, a temporary cap on the revenue of low-cost electricity generators, and an mandate for the 27 EU countries to reduce electricity consumption during peak price hours. With energy prices skyrocketing across Europe, the proposals from the European Commission are designed to help raise $140 billion in relief for people and businesses hit by the crunch.

                U.S. regulators have revealed their plan to allow foreign baby formula manufactures to stay on the market long term. The Friday announcement from the Food and Drug Administration aims to diversify the nation’s highly concentrated formula industry and prevent future shortages. The U.S. has been forced to turn to foreign suppliers to boost formula supplies after FDA inspectors temporarily shuttered the nation’s largest domestic manufacturing plant in February. Since then the U.S. has imported the equivalent of 300 million bottles of formula. Under the new plan, foreign manufacturers will have until 2025 to comply with U.S. standards for formula nutrition, labeling and manufacturing.

                Abigail E. Disney has been critical of the company that bears her name before. But for the first time, Disney, the granddaughter of co-founder Roy O. Disney, has put her views into the medium the Mouse House was built on: a movie. In the new documentary “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales,” Disney argues that the Walt Disney Co. has lost its moral compass. Disney lays out a harsh portrait of the company, particularly in regard to pay inequity and the struggles of some theme park employees to sustain their families on their pay. The company, she says, “has lost the plot.” A spokesperson for the company says its employees are “the heart and soul of Disney.”

                Azerbaijan’s president says his country is a reliable partner and will stick to an agreement to double gas exports to the European Union by 2027. President Ilhan Aliyev was in Bulgaria's capital for the official launch Saturday of a new pipeline that will supply natural gas from Azerbaijan. Bulgaria's vital supply of Russian gas was cut off in April amid the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Speaking to reporters in Sofia, Aliyev called a new gas interconnector with Greece “a historic achievement and an opportunity for Azeri gas to reach Europe in larger quantities.” The 182-kilometer (115-mile) pipeline is designed to run from the Greek city of Komotini to Stara Zagora in central Bulgaria.

                Britain’s independent budget watchdog says it would deliver an initial analysis of the government’s economic plan to Treasury officials on Oct. 7. That announcement Friday comes amid efforts to ease financial turmoil triggered by 45 billion pounds ($50 billion) of unfunded tax cuts. The announcement came after an unprecedented meeting between Prime Minister Liz Truss and officials from the Office for Budget Responsibility. It is unclear whether the preliminary analysis will be released to the public because the government didn’t mention it in its own statement on the meeting. The analysis is crucial to rebuilding confidence in British financial markets because the government’s failure to publish an independent assessment of the tax-cutting plan spooked investors last week.


                Content by Brand Ave. Studios. The annual Amazon Prime Day is coming July 12 and 13, and per usual will offer discounts on many of your favorite things.

                New safety mandates for elevators inside North Carolina beach and vacation cottages take effect as the calendar turns to October. All or portions of over a dozen or so enacted state laws begin Saturday. The elevator law is named for 7-year-old Weston Androw, a boy from Canton, Ohio, who died last year at an Outer Banks vacation rental when he became trapped between the elevator car and elevator shaft. The law says landlords of these short-term rentals must reduce the gap between elevator landing and car doors and tell the state Insurance Department about the improvements. The other new laws address sexual assault kits, magistrates and some sales tax exemptions.

                Juan Pinon, an electrical engineer in McAllen, Texas, struggled with credit card debt for years. It wasn’t until he confided in his sister that he began to turn things around.…

                As TikTok's popularity has exploded, it's become more than just a place for viral dance challenges. Young voters are increasingly using the app to learn about politics, elections and issues. And candidates are taking notice. But while politicians from both parties promote the app as a powerful way to reach young voters, some elected officials urge caution. They say concerns about TikTok's parent company, its ties to China's government and its handling of user data should make anyone think carefully before signing up for the platform. That's not denting its popularity though. TikTok continues to be one of the most downloaded and used sites on the internet.

                Unpaid internships are facing new scrutiny from colleges, state lawmakers and student activists. Nearly half of all internships are unpaid, putting them out of reach for students who need wages to keep up with their bills, even if the work has nothing to do with their intended careers. Many students say they can’t afford to meet internship requirements, and shouldn’t be expected to work unpaid to make it in a given field. The people who can take unpaid internships have financial safety nets, and that means they tend to benefit students who are wealthier and white, perpetuating wealth gaps.

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